Beauty Package:

Facial+ Hair Pack+Body Scrub+Floral Bath+Massage+Steam=Rs 3250 Duration- 180 minutes

Facial+ Hair Pack+body Scrub+Warm Water Bath= Rs. 1750 Duration- 90 minutes

Abhyangam Packages

6 massages- 3 mths –Rs. 5,400 Discount- 10%

12 massages- 6 mths –Rs. 10,800 Discount-15%

18 massages- 8 mths. – Rs. 16,200 Discount-20%

Rejuvenation Package:

Head Massage+ Feet Massage+ Body Massage+shirodhara+ Warm Water Bath Duration- 70 minutes

3 sets       Rs. 5400       Discount-10%       Duration-2 mths

6 sets       Rs. 10,800       Discount-15%       Duration- 3 mths.

Due to hectic work schedules and western lifestyle our mind and body both gets tired off. This rejuvenation package includes specially designed treatments for rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. This pacifies the vitiated doshas in the body and hence prevents occurrence of many diseases. The rejuvenation package includes Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Meditation.