Health Tips

Benefits of Turmeric (Haldi)

1. TREATS ARTHRITIS- Due to its antioxidative & antiinflammatory properties, it has wonderful effect in treating the swelling of joints in Rheaumatoid Arthritis. It also reduces sweliings due to any disease in body. 2. HEALTHY HEART- Due to its antioxidative property it prevents hardening of arteries by deactivating platelet activating factor (PAF). 3. PREVENTS CANCER- With its chemo- protective action, turmeric prevents you from Colon cancer. 4. CONTROLS DIABETES- curcumin present...Read More

Benefits of Sesame Oil (til tail) massage

1. Vitamin E present in sesame oil act as antioxidant, thus acts as a natural SUNSCREEN & prevents the free radical damage to your skin. (to avoid the strong smell of oil, you can add almond oil). 2. MOISTURISE your skin. Sesame oil is rich in linoleic acid, stearic acid & palmate. 3. SLOWS SKIN AGING, as it has antioxidant called sesamol, that prevents wrinkles & fine lines. 4. Detoxifies your skin: Many toxins present in environmental pollution are oil soluble. To wash th...Read More

Benefits Of Jeera Water

1. Improves metabolism and hence treats symptoms like acidity, gas & flatulence. 2. Have Iron, Vitamin A & Vitamin C that improves haemoglobin & strenthens your IMMUNITY. 3. Jeera is a good source of antioxidants & hence improves your SKIN. 4. Good source of fibre, thus helps in proper BOWEL evacuation. 5. Jeera is anti-congestive so helps to decongest your chest of cough and helps to cure COLD & COUGH. HOW TO PREPARE JEERA WATER: Boil 1 tsp. of jeera in one glass o...Read More