Astrology is an ancient scientific discipline that has been based on the mathematical calculation with reference to movement of planets and stars, with mention of specific rules. Since "Jyotish" was a contemporary branch of Vedic Sciences as that of Ayurveda, we personally believe that there seems to have a great linkage between these two master pieces of ancient vedic sciences i.e. Ayurveda and Jyotisha.

Astrology has a great role in diagnosing and treating a disease. In Ayurved,some diseases are classified as ‘Karmaj Rog’ i.e. they occur due to one’s wrong doings. These diseases can never be cured completely by any kind of treatment until and unless the effect of wrong doings is nullified. For this, various astrological measures are advised. It is said in samhitas;

"Griheshu pratikuleshu naanukoolam hi bheshjam,

Te bheshjanam viryani haranti balwanti api.

Pratikritya grhanadau Pashchaat kuryanti chikitsitam."

When the stars are unfavourable, no medicine has its effect. They destroy the strength of the medicine and overpower all kind of treatments. Therefore, one must pacify the unfavourable stars along with starting the treatment

Even the prediction of disease with the help of Birth Chart is possible. The period of ailment can be predicted and appropriate action in terms of medication as well as investigations could be suggested. When a person is suffering from a disease the study of his Birth Chart and the planetary positions will give us more precise status of diseases. Whether the disease is curable or non curable? Whether surgical intervention is necessary or it could be treated with medicines? Such questions could be answered with the help of Birth Chart. The more accurate diagnosis will ultimately result into more accurate treatment.

And that’s why we are introducing you all, to a special exciting branch of Medico-Astrology.

Medico- Astrology

Medico- Astrology includes predicting the effect of various planets on the occurence and the course of disease and advising various measures to treat that particular disease. Different measures can include advising some specific herbs, some simple diet and lifestyle changes, enchanting of some particular mantras or wearing certain gems.

Precious gemstones such as rubies, diamonds, pearls, red corals, sapphires etc. can influence the effects of the planets substantially. Although they can minimise the impact of planetary afflictions, they should always be worn with care and on recommendation of an experienced astrologer. For the wrong stone can aggravate the condition and even cause fresh problems.-->


Mars, Mercury, Moon Rheumatism,
musculo skeletal
Red coral, emerald,
dark blue pearl,
Saturn, Sun Problems and
bone diseases
sapphire, ruby
Mars, Mercury Digestive diseases,
Red coral, white
Saturn, Ketu Diseases of the
nervous system
Dark blue sapphire
Mercury, Mars, Ketu Psychological
including hysteria
Emerald in the night,
red coral in the day
Mars, Saturn, Rahu Skin diseases White coral,
yellow sapphire
Saturn, Mars, Moon,
Venus, Mercury,
Urinary and
Pearl, diamond, red coral,
yellow sapphire,
emerald, topaz
Saturn, Mars Dental problems Sapphire, red coral
Saturn, Mars Ear nose,
and throat problems
Yellow sapphire,
white coral
Saturn, Mars Blood-related problems Dark blue sapphire,
emerald, ruby


We have renowned Astrologer Mr. Nitin Sharma with our team who guides and suggests us for various incurable and life threatening diseases. His predictions are true in majority of the cases that we have cured with his help.

So,if you are the one who had tried all kind of treatments and is not yet relieved of your ailment, contact us with your details and we will help you to diagnose the exact cause and cure of your health problem.

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