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You might have gone through many websites about Ayurved, reading all the vast details that you partially understands and partially not. But here is a place that is to answer all queries that you have about Ayurved, so you can ask whatever you want.

Atreya-The Healing Touch is a well known Ayurvedic Spa and Panchkarma treatment centre. It not only treats you of your ailments but it heals you physically, mentally and spiritually. Under the guidance of Dr. Sonia Karpal, a renowned Ayurvedic physician and a Psychoneurobic healer the centre provides you complete range of Ayurvedic treatments which are rarely practised elsewhere. Dr. Sonia has successfully treated thousands of patients of their ailments. The centre provides complete OPD care as well as it is fully equipped for all kinds of Ayurvedic spa and panchkarma treatments.


Very nice service and excellent.

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